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Tag: Eddie Van Halen

Randy Rhoads

Name: Randy Rhoads DOB: December 6, 1956 From: Santa Monica, CA Bands: Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne Guitars: Jackson, Sandoval Vee, Les Paul Amplifiers: Marshall March 19, 1982, "The
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Steve Vai

Name: Steve Vai DOB: June 6, 1960 From: Carle Place, New York Bands: David Lee Roth, Frank Zappa, Solo, Whitesnake Guitars: Ibanez Amplifiers: Carvin Links: Official Website, Twitter,
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Paul Gilbert

Name: Paul GilbertDOB: November 6, 1966From: Carbondale, IllinoisBands: Racer X, Mr. Big, SoloGuitars: IbanezAmplifiers: LaneyLinks: Official Website Paul Gilbert is well known for his work with Racer X
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