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Steve Vai

February 6th, 2011 No comments
Steve Vai
Name: Steve Vai
DOB: June 6, 1960
From: Carle Place, New York
Bands: David Lee Roth, Frank Zappa, Solo, Whitesnake
Guitars: Ibanez
Amplifiers: Carvin
Links: Official Website, Twitter, Facebook

Steve Vai Guitar

Quick Licks Steve Vai Style

Steve Vai is a rock guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and producer. Steve Vai is known as one of the world’s greatest guitar virtuosos.

Vai started his professional career with Frank Zappa. He recorded and toured in Zappa’s band from 1980 to 1982. He then began a solo career in 1983 and has released 13 solo albums as of 2008. Apart from his work with Frank Zappa, Vai has also recorded and toured with Public Image Ltd., Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, and Whitesnake. He has composed music for movie soundtracks and in 1999 Vai started his own record label, Favored Nations.

Vai continues to tour regularly, with his own group and fellow guitar instrumentalist friend Joe Satriani on the G3 series of tours. Billy Sheehan, former David Lee Roth and Mr. Big bassist also joined him for a world tour.

Steve Vai Guitar

Legato Licks and Techniques

In 1990, Vai released his critically acclaimed solo album Passion and Warfare. The song "For the Love of God" was voted #29 in a readers’ poll of the 100 greatest guitar solos of all time in Guitar World Magazine.

Steve Vai has been acclaimed as one of the most accomplished guitarists of all time. He is famous for his technical mastery of the guitar as well as stylish performance techniques that set him apart from the rest of the pack of aspiring guitar greats. Through his music and success, Vai remains true to his roots and strives to contribute to the world with his music. He founded the Make A Noise Foundation in 1986 to help provide young, talented musicians with instruments and options for developing their talents. By staying true to his own style and beliefs, working to better the world through his music, and putting in the time and effort to become a technical master.

Learn to shred like Steve Vai.

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Yngwie Malmsteen

June 4th, 2011 No comments
Yngwie Malmsteen
Name: Yngwie Malmsteen
DOB: June 30, 1963
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Bands: Steeler, Alcatraz, Solo
Guitars: Fender
Amplifiers: Marshall
Links: Official Website, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen Dvd Guitar Lessons

Yngwie Malmsteen was largely responsible for the development of the style of guitar playing known as "shredding" that was so popular in the 1980’s. Shred guitar solos are lightning fast riffs that depend more on their speed than their musicality to enhance a song. Guitar enthusiasts have admired and respected the musicians who could produce such breathtaking licks, and Yngwie Malmsteen is always mentioned as one of the best.

In his early years, Malmsteen joined several rock bands around Stockholm. I didn’t take long before he became frustrated with their lack of willingness to take musical risks. Audiences that seemed to prefer lightweight pop sounds to the hard rock songs filled with instrumental solos that he enjoyed also disillusioned him. He made a demo tape which he distributed to as many record companies outside of his home country as he could find. Finally, the founder of California-based Shrapnel Music, Mike Varney, heard his efforts. Yngwie was invited to record with a new band in the US called Steeler, and he was on the road to fame as a guitar shredder.

Steeler released a self-titled album in 1983, which grabbed some attention because of Malmsteen’s frenetic guitar solos. He was not happy with the quality of the other musicians in the group, however, and soon joined a band called Alcatrazz. The new group released an album (No Parole for Rock and Roll) and played a concert tour. Still dissatisfied, Yngwie decided that he would have more artistic license if he became the leader of his own band. In 1984 he gathered some musicians to form the group Rising Force, which included his friend from Sweden, Jens Johansson on keyboards.

The album Rising Force was first released in Japan and created such a buzz that it was soon distributed around the globe. It was nominated for a Grammy and hit the Billboard Top 60. More importantly, it set the standard for an instrumental guitar album and single-handedly originated the “Neo Classical Metal” genre of music. It remains one of the best selling instrumental albums ever produced.

The group released Marching Out and Trilogy in rapid succession and both were well received. The two albums were not only demonstrations of Malmsteen’s skill as a guitarist, but established his reputation as a composer, as well. In 1987, however, he nearly lost his life when he crashed his fast moving Jaguar into a tree. He developed a blood clot in his brain, which could have been fatal, and he was in a coma for seven days. He also sustained significant nerve damage in his right hand that left it virtually paralyzed. To add to the trauma, he regained consciousness to discover that his mother had died. He was determined to persevere, however, and worked diligently to recover the use of his hand and regain his health.

With the release of Odyssey in 1988, the music world realized that Malmsteen was truly back at work. It was his most commercially successful album, especially the single “Heaven Tonight.” He took his band on a worldwide tour and the group had the honor of being one of the first groups to play in the former Soviet Union. Late that year Fender released the first Malmsteen signature Stratocaster. During the early 90’s, a string of albums came from Yngwie’s fertile mind and talented fingers including Fire and Ice, Eclipse, and The Seventh Sign.

In 1997 Yngwie proved to the world that he is much more than just a shredder. He wrote and recorded a completely classical work that he considers his masterpiece. With the lofty title Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in Eb Minor Op. 1, the album pleased critics and serious musicians around the globe. It was recorded with the highly acclaimed orchestra from Prague, the Czech Philharmonic and its famous conductor Yoel Levi. A few years later, Malmsteen was invited to perform the work before a live audience in Tokyo with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. The DVD recording of the concert was released in 2002.

The next year, many guitar fans rushed to attend the concerts in the famous G3 series which featured the three men most aficionados considered to be the Dream Team of guitarists: Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani. The audio CD’s and DVD releases of the live concerts were instant best sellers in 2003.

Yngwie has continued to tour and record music throughout the decade of the ‘00’s. In ’07 he was featured on the popular video game “Guitar Hero II” (X-box Version). Players of the game can achieve the “Yngwie Malmsteen Award” as a bonus if they can accurately hit at least 1000 notes in a row.

With all his flamboyant showmanship and incredible skill on the guitar, Yngwie continues to impress audiences in the US, Europe and Asia. He is a truly creative musician who has managed to successfully combine two very different forms of music into one completely original style. The world will probably not see another guitarist like Yngwie, but he has made, and will continue to make his mark on the modern music scene.

Check out Total Guitar’s lesson "Play Like Yngwie".

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Musician’s Institute Success Story

April 15th, 2011 No comments

Dave Bates and Edge of Paradise Album Release Show at Key Club Free to MI Students

Dave Bates (Guitar) and Edge of Paradise, with Margarita Monet on vocals and keys alongside Dave and his former Bleed bandmates Robin McCauley (MSG), Kevin Katich (MI Grad, Thunder City Shout), and Steven Cook (Course of Nature), play the Key Club on April 14 to celebrate the release of their debut album. MI students are invited to attend the show free (tickets are available in the Student Affairs Office). Visit the band’s Reverb Nation page to hear singles from the new record, recorded with session musicians Gregg Bissonette (Steve Vai) and Tony Franklin (The Firm).

Read the full story here: Full Story

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Speed Part 2

August 1st, 2009 No comments
Time Stretch Guitar Software

TimeStretch $29.95
Guitar Software

Developing Speed – Part 2. This online guitar lesson is the second installment of my two part picking mayhem. This week we are going to cover a couple of examples that I personally dig. This is the kind of self-indulgent stuff that usually only guitar players can relate to. Others are often offended, insulted, or just outright scared! Whatever the case, just be careful when you get these things up to speed that you don’t let your fingers get away from you. You could put an eye out.


I would also like to stress again "economy of motion"- meaning the smaller the distance you move the pick, the faster you will be able to go. That does not mean that if you choose to use your whole arm to tremolo pick, for example, that you are wrong. If it works for you, then it is the right way. Eddie Van Halen chooses to use his whole arm to tremolo pick. Who’s going to tell him he’s wrong? I choose to use my wrist for all picking type licks and tend to stick to strict alternate picking as much as possible. I would strongly urge you to do the same. This is common practice among "the picking kings" – anyone who picks like a madman.

Example 1: This example comes from Steve Vai’s, "The Animal." It is in D minor. Notice how it doesn’t lock into the click. It kind of has a "floating" sound. The effect that was used was a harmonizer set to a fifth below.

Guitar Lesson

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Example 2:
This lick makes a great warm up exercise. It starts out in E Dorian (E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D) and ends in the A Blues scale. This lick works very well over the A bar chord. In fact, if you choose to play this over an A power chord, then theoretically, it is an A Mixolydian (A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G). These are both modes from the key of D Major, so note-wise they are all the same.

Guitar Lesson

Listen to the Real Audio

Listen to the MP3

If you found this guitar lesson helpful, please link to it by adding the following code to your website:
<a href="" target="_blank">Total Guitar Lessons – Speed</a>

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Learn & Master Guitar

August 7th, 2014 No comments
DVD Guitar Lessons

Learn and Master Guitar

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar,  formerly known as Learn and Master Guitar, contains 20 Guitar Dvds, 5 Jam Along CDs, Learn and Master Lesson Book, and Unlimited Access to Student Support Site. Professional dvd guitar instruction with Steve Krenz.

Price: $149.00 Learn and Master Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar, winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players’ Choice Awards, two Telly Awards, and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. Course features acoustic guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons. This the only guitar instructional dvd package you’ll ever need on your journey toward mastery of the guitar. All you provide is the practice!

Learning how to play the guitar can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different things to learn and practice. You need high-quality, step-by-step video instruction that takes you from beginner or intermediate all the way through advanced guitar instruction. A 30 minute "Learn Guitar Overnight" video isn’t going to do it and advanced instructional videos are usually too specialized and they often assume that you know more than you do. Learn & Master Guitar is a complete step-by-step video instruction guitar lesson dvd course that takes you from any skill level, even if you’re a total novice, through the advanced skills training used by the pros.

Includes the following:

Acoustic Guitar Lesson DVD DVD Demonstration:  Each guitar lesson is clearly explained and demonstrated, so you know exactly what and how to practice. The videos were recently awarded two bronze Telly awards for excellence in the categories of Education and Use of Music.


Acoustic Guitar LessonsPrinted Materials: The workbook contains all of the songs and exercises demonstrated in the video lessons, as well as several more, so you can continue practicing at your own pace for as long as you need before moving on to the next lesson.



Acoustic Guitar LessonsJam-Along CDs: Jam along with an actual band, using the same songs you learn in your lessons. There’s no better way to learn than by playing, and there’s no way to play that’s more fun than jamming with a band. You’ll be amazed at how much more fun this makes practicing!


Acoustic Guitar LessonsProfessional Instruction: Steve Krenz has been playing professionally for twenty years. He is an incredibly talented teacher and communicator. You won’t find a better guitar dvd instructor anywhere.


Acoustic Guitar LessonsOnline Community & Student Support:  Build a student profile, post recordings of your songs, track your progress, and get feedback from Steve and other students. This is a vibrant learning community with over 6,000 active users. Steve Krenz, the author of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, is online regularly, answering questions and offering encouragement.

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Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Review

September 9th, 2010 No comments
Learn and Master Guitar Lessons Dvd

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar

Overall Rating: 
Ease of Use: 
Video Quality: 



Now Only $149.00
Learn and Master Guitar


Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is a complete set of dvd guitar lessons developed to teach you how to play the guitar. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar contains 20 Dvds, 5 Jam Along CDs, the Learn and Master Lesson Book, and Unlimited Access to the Student Support Site. Professional instruction provided by Steve Krenz.

This is an excellent program for the beginner. The dvd guitar lessons start with the parts of the guitar, names of the strings, and proper right and left hand technique. Tuning, how to read tab, and chords are covered next. On screen examples are provided. Lessons are also supplied via the Learn and Master lesson book. This book contains diagrams of everything covered on the dvd. This enables you to watch the video and follow along with the book or even refer back to the book when you don’t have access to the lesson. 

I have found Steve to be a terrific instructor. He is very patient and very encouraging. Everything is explained thoroughly. He even quizzes you on what he teaches during the lesson to help you remember the lesson. At the end of each lesson are tips and assignments. There is also a "Bonus Workshop" where Steve recaps the lesson. The lessons are broken up into pieces with just the right amount of information included so you learn at your own pace. Each lesson builds on the info from the previous lesson.

This is not a "Learn Overnight" course. As Steve explains "Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is not designed to teach specific songs. The course is designed to give you the playing skills and tools you need to play the songs you eventually want to play".

There is no monthly fee so you can take as long as you need to learn each lesson. There is an "Estimated Time To Learn" printed in your lesson book which is approximately 2 weeks per lesson. That being said, the entire 20 piece course should take less than a year to complete.

Learn & Master offers a 60-day money back guarantee and includes free online support for students, including a forum. Full access is free with your purchase of the program.

Learn more at

Learn and Master Guitar

Price: $149.00 Learn and Master Guitar


* I will be updating this review as I continue to follow the program.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.

Total Guitar is a paid affiliate of Learn & Master Guitar. Total Guitar receives a commission for every affiliate sale made though the website.

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