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  • Total Guitar Online Store - Dvd guitar lessons, guitar software, dvd guitar instruction, guitar tab books, and more.
  • Learn and Master Guitar – is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. This the only guitar instructional dvd package you”ll ever need.
  • How to Play Guitar
  • Learn How to Play Guitar | Free Beginner Guitar Lessons-
  • TrueFire Guitar Lessons
  • Guitar Repair Bench – A site dedicated to providing the best instructional articles about guitar repair, maintenance, and guitar building on the web, so you can repair your own guitars.
  • Rock guitar lessons | best electric guitar lessons – Quality rock guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players. Rock guitar legends transcriptions.
  • Learn how to master the guitar. The best resource for learning acoustic, electric guitar and in general learning to play the guitar.
  • Webdezined - Like Total Guitar? Want a site just like it? Quality websites, affordable prices. WordPress, osCommerce, Joomla.
  • Bleed – Official Bleed website. Band features recording artists Robin McAuley and Dave Bates.
  • Bjorn Englen – Bassist for Yngwie Malmstein and Bleed.
  • 30 Round Clip – Official 30 Round Clip website. Band features Dave Bates on guitar and Rick Steel (Drum TV) on drums.
  • Robin McAuley – Lead vocalist for the band MSG through the late 80’s and early 90’s. Robin’s distinctive vocals and lyrics are heard on some of the bands most popular and biggest selling CDs. Robin is featured on the Bleed cd.
  • Jason Becker – Inspiring guitar player and human being. Never give up!
  • Black Star – A Tribute to the Music of Yngwie Malmsteen. Dave Bates on guitar.
  • Francesco Fareri – Killer guitarist.
  • Instrumental Music – Get guitar lessons by Dave Bates in person here!
  • Guitarbuzz  – All guitar stuff.
  • TablEdit – Excellent Tablature Editor and more.
  • All Guitar Chords – Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.
  • Kronodale – Cool Guitars.
  • Dmegs Web Directory
  • Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Learning Products – DVDs, Books, Lessons By Mail – No modes, no scales – Learn to actually PLAY jazz guitar with Robert Conti
  • Guitar Alliance: Tab and Video Lessons
    Guitar Alliance guitar lessons are the fastest way to increase your guitar playing abilities. With guitar tab, audio, video, and more. A complete guitar instruction course.
  • All Guitar Chords – Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.
  • Guitar Lessons – is here to serve YOU. Whether you are just starting out on the guitar, or you’ve been playing for years, there is something for everyone. is packed with over 150 free video guitar lessons, gear reviews, famous guitarist bios, jam tracks, a forum and much more!
  • – Rock guitar lessons in Ct serving Lebanon, Colchester, Hebron, Norwich and surrounding area’s. Private one on one and correspondence lessons. Log on to find out more!
  • Guitar Cables – Quality guitar, microphone and patch cables at unbelievably low prices! Visit us at
  • Music Lesson – Musician’s Works has banjo tablatures, bluegrass information, cartoons, jokes, jazz, banjo lessons, and other banjo stuff. Musician’s Works wants its students to be in the jam session, on the stage, and in the recording studio.
  • Instrument Wire – Musical Instruments Classifieds
  • Online Drum Lessons – Get step by step drumming lessons and tips here.
  • Guitar Lessons – We believe that your learning curve is most effective if you are having fun at the same time. strives to inspire students to find their own unique style and to help them become great guitarists.

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Learn & Master Guitar

July 28th, 2011 No comments
DVD Guitar Lessons

Learn and Master Guitar

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar,  formerly known as Learn and Master Guitar, contains 20 Guitar Dvds, 5 Jam Along CDs, Learn and Master Lesson Book, and Unlimited Access to Student Support Site. Professional dvd guitar instruction with Steve Krenz.

Price: $149.00 Learn and Master Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar, winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players’ Choice Awards, two Telly Awards, and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. Course features acoustic guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons. This the only guitar instructional dvd package you’ll ever need on your journey toward mastery of the guitar. All you provide is the practice!

Learning how to play the guitar can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different things to learn and practice. You need high-quality, step-by-step video instruction that takes you from beginner or intermediate all the way through advanced guitar instruction. A 30 minute "Learn Guitar Overnight" video isn’t going to do it and advanced instructional videos are usually too specialized and they often assume that you know more than you do. Learn & Master Guitar is a complete step-by-step video instruction guitar lesson dvd course that takes you from any skill level, even if you’re a total novice, through the advanced skills training used by the pros.

Includes the following:

Acoustic Guitar Lesson DVD DVD Demonstration:  Each guitar lesson is clearly explained and demonstrated, so you know exactly what and how to practice. The videos were recently awarded two bronze Telly awards for excellence in the categories of Education and Use of Music.


Acoustic Guitar LessonsPrinted Materials: The workbook contains all of the songs and exercises demonstrated in the video lessons, as well as several more, so you can continue practicing at your own pace for as long as you need before moving on to the next lesson.



Acoustic Guitar LessonsJam-Along CDs: Jam along with an actual band, using the same songs you learn in your lessons. There’s no better way to learn than by playing, and there’s no way to play that’s more fun than jamming with a band. You’ll be amazed at how much more fun this makes practicing!


Acoustic Guitar LessonsProfessional Instruction: Steve Krenz has been playing professionally for twenty years. He is an incredibly talented teacher and communicator. You won’t find a better guitar dvd instructor anywhere.


Acoustic Guitar LessonsOnline Community & Student Support:  Build a student profile, post recordings of your songs, track your progress, and get feedback from Steve and other students. This is a vibrant learning community with over 6,000 active users. Steve Krenz, the author of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, is online regularly, answering questions and offering encouragement.

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Dave’s Bio

April 11th, 2011 No comments

Dave’s Bio

Dave Bates co-founded Total Guitar in 1998. Total Guitar features free online guitar lessons with tab and audio files. Total Guitar also features video guitar lessons, download guitar lessons, beginner guitar lessons, and an online store with a complete selection of dvd guitar lessons, guitar software, tab books, wall charts, accessories and more.

Dave is a graduate of Musician’s Institute, GIT and was featured on Musician’s Institute/GIT promotional CD entitled “MI JAMS Vol.2”. He has over 28 years experience as a guitar player and teacher and has amassed numerous studio and club dates nationally. He has played guitar clinics for T.C. Electronics and Drum TV. Dave has been featured in a weekly online guitar lesson for Rock Guitar Online. He is also the featured instructor in 3 Metal Method Dvd Guitar Lessons; Ozzy Style, Metal Style, and SRV Style. Dave played guitar in the house band on the T.V. set of the Warner Brother’s Show "Zoe", and also played guitar for the house band on the TV set of the CBS show “The Whitey Ford Show”. Dave is also the staff guitarist on the show Drum TV.

Dave has played and recorded with veteran recording artists including Robin McAuley, Gregg Bissonette, Tony Franklin, David Paris, Bob Kullick, Rick Steel, Bjorn Englen, Brett Chassen and others. Dave is the guitarist for the rock band “Bleed” which features vocals by Robin McAuley, drums by Gregg Bissonette, and bass by Tony Franklin. Bleed regularly performs nationally. Additionally Dave played guitar for the rock band “30 Round Clip" and wrote a song called "Gunfighter" which was featured in “Playground of Power Vol.2” DVD. Dave was also a featured artist/performer on Guitar Nine Records. Dave also played guitar with KVK.

Dave is currently the lead guitarist for Edge of Paradise, a symphonic hard rock/metal band. He is also at work tracking his instrumental guitar CDs entitled "The Trouble With You…" and "I Think I Went Back In Time."

In his spare time, Dave teaches guitar at Instrumental Music in Thousand Oaks, CA. He teaches all levels of guitar lessons ranging from beginner guitar lessons to advanced guitar lessons. Regardless of your skill level, Dave can provide you with guitar lessons that can teach you how to play the guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner wanting to learn how to play the guitar or a pro wanting to learn music theory. If you want to learn the basics or master the techniques necessary to become a professional guitarist, you’ve come to the right place. Dave offers lessons in numerous styles of music including rock, metal, and classical.

Contact Dave to learn how to play the guitar and get custom guitar lessons and information on rock guitar lessons, metal guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, and more. For guitar lessons, contact Dave at Instrumental Music (805)496-3774.

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Guitar Magazines

February 27th, 2011 No comments


Total Guitar Magazine
Total Guitar Magazine "Buy Total Guitar now and I guarantee you that, by the end of your first issue, you’ll be playing along to some of your favorite tunes.

As well as giving you more songs to learn than any other guitar magazine, Total Guitar gives you unbeatable access to the hottest players on the planet and every issue is crammed full of interviews and video lessons with the best from the world’s of metal, indie, rock… even country and jazz fusion!

You’ll also find all the best guitars, amps and effects reviewed plus practical advice on how to set up and maintain your guitars and gear. We’ll even show you how to form a band and hit the big time! No other guitar magazine gives you all of this…"

US/Canada Subscription Offer – SAVE 40%!
Save over $72 a year when you subscribe to Total Guitar
Continuous Credit Card only (every 3 months): $27.50
1 year subscription only: $110
Click here to subscribe


Metal Hammer Magazine
Metal Hammer Magazine Metal Hammer is the UK’s only monthly hardcore metal magazine with a gift every issue. We cover both traditional and contemporary metal bands, hardcore, gothic rock, punk and alternative, reporting on the burgeoning British scene as well as all the latest bands Stateside and around the world.
Metal Hammer has a comprehensive news section and reviews section and provides in-depth interviews with rising stars on the scene and more established acts. Above all, Metal Hammer is loud, rude and it makes no apologies!

Various savings off the normal subscription price!
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Guitarist Magazine
Guitarist Magazine "Since 1984 Guitarist has been entertaining and informing players and enthusiasts with gear reviews, artist interviews and guitar lessons. We have a proud tradition of the highest quality writing and photography, brought to you with unrivalled artist access and world-first reviews on all the latest products.

We deal with electric, acoustic and bass guitar, plus offer a whole host of technical Q&A and ‘How-To’ style features. It doesn’t matter what your age or ability – if you love guitars, you’ll love Guitarist."

US/Canada Subscription Offer – SAVE 35%!
Save over $72 a year when you subscribe to Guitarist
Continuous Credit Card only (every 3 months): $33.75
1 year subscription only: $135
Click here to subscribe


Guitar Techniques
Guitar Techniques Guitar Techniques is put together by the finest team of guitar tutors in the world. Packed full of whole song transcriptions, lessons and star video masterclasses, with every piece of music also on the accompanying CD, GT’s tab is the most accurate there is. Every style is covered, from rock and blues, to jazz, metal, country and pop, and each issue is crammed with music from start to finish. If you want to see your playing soar, subscribe to Guitar Techniques now!

US/Canada Subscription Offer – SAVE 35%!
Save over $72 a year when you subscribe to Guitar Techniques
Continuous Credit Card only (every 3 months): $33.75
1 year subscription only: $135
Click here to subscribe


Why subscribe?

  • Save up to 40% off the retail price!
  • Never miss an issue, 13 a year, delivered free of charge, direct to your door.
  • US/Canadian subscribers will receive your copy via airmail up to 3 weeks before the magazine hits the stores!

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Steve Vai

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Steve Vai
Name: Steve Vai
DOB: June 6, 1960
From: Carle Place, New York
Bands: David Lee Roth, Frank Zappa, Solo, Whitesnake
Guitars: Ibanez
Amplifiers: Carvin
Links: Official Website, Twitter, Facebook

Steve Vai Guitar

Quick Licks Steve Vai Style

Steve Vai is a rock guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and producer. Steve Vai is known as one of the world’s greatest guitar virtuosos.

Vai started his professional career with Frank Zappa. He recorded and toured in Zappa’s band from 1980 to 1982. He then began a solo career in 1983 and has released 13 solo albums as of 2008. Apart from his work with Frank Zappa, Vai has also recorded and toured with Public Image Ltd., Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, and Whitesnake. He has composed music for movie soundtracks and in 1999 Vai started his own record label, Favored Nations.

Vai continues to tour regularly, with his own group and fellow guitar instrumentalist friend Joe Satriani on the G3 series of tours. Billy Sheehan, former David Lee Roth and Mr. Big bassist also joined him for a world tour.

Steve Vai Guitar

Legato Licks and Techniques

In 1990, Vai released his critically acclaimed solo album Passion and Warfare. The song "For the Love of God" was voted #29 in a readers’ poll of the 100 greatest guitar solos of all time in Guitar World Magazine.

Steve Vai has been acclaimed as one of the most accomplished guitarists of all time. He is famous for his technical mastery of the guitar as well as stylish performance techniques that set him apart from the rest of the pack of aspiring guitar greats. Through his music and success, Vai remains true to his roots and strives to contribute to the world with his music. He founded the Make A Noise Foundation in 1986 to help provide young, talented musicians with instruments and options for developing their talents. By staying true to his own style and beliefs, working to better the world through his music, and putting in the time and effort to become a technical master.

Learn to shred like Steve Vai.

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Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Review

September 9th, 2010 No comments
Learn and Master Guitar Lessons Dvd

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar

Overall Rating: 
Ease of Use: 
Video Quality: 



Now Only $149.00
Learn and Master Guitar


Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is a complete set of dvd guitar lessons developed to teach you how to play the guitar. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar contains 20 Dvds, 5 Jam Along CDs, the Learn and Master Lesson Book, and Unlimited Access to the Student Support Site. Professional instruction provided by Steve Krenz.

This is an excellent program for the beginner. The dvd guitar lessons start with the parts of the guitar, names of the strings, and proper right and left hand technique. Tuning, how to read tab, and chords are covered next. On screen examples are provided. Lessons are also supplied via the Learn and Master lesson book. This book contains diagrams of everything covered on the dvd. This enables you to watch the video and follow along with the book or even refer back to the book when you don’t have access to the lesson. 

I have found Steve to be a terrific instructor. He is very patient and very encouraging. Everything is explained thoroughly. He even quizzes you on what he teaches during the lesson to help you remember the lesson. At the end of each lesson are tips and assignments. There is also a "Bonus Workshop" where Steve recaps the lesson. The lessons are broken up into pieces with just the right amount of information included so you learn at your own pace. Each lesson builds on the info from the previous lesson.

This is not a "Learn Overnight" course. As Steve explains "Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is not designed to teach specific songs. The course is designed to give you the playing skills and tools you need to play the songs you eventually want to play".

There is no monthly fee so you can take as long as you need to learn each lesson. There is an "Estimated Time To Learn" printed in your lesson book which is approximately 2 weeks per lesson. That being said, the entire 20 piece course should take less than a year to complete.

Learn & Master offers a 60-day money back guarantee and includes free online support for students, including a forum. Full access is free with your purchase of the program.

Learn more at

Learn and Master Guitar

Price: $149.00 Learn and Master Guitar


* I will be updating this review as I continue to follow the program.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.

Total Guitar is a paid affiliate of Learn & Master Guitar. Total Guitar receives a commission for every affiliate sale made though the website.

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Michael Angelo Batio

August 22nd, 2010 No comments

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Michael Angelo Batio
Name: Michael Angelo Batio
DOB: June 1956
From: Chicago, Illinois
Bands: Nitro, Solo
Guitars: Dean
Amplifiers: Marshall
Links: Official Website

Michael Angelo Batio – MAB is an American heavy metal guitarist and columnist. Batio was voted the "No. 1 Shredder of All Time" by Guitar One Magazine in 2003. He was also listed as one of the "Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time" by Guitar World Magazine, for which he writes the column Time to Burn, and one of the "20 Greatest Shredders of All Time" by Total Guitar Magazine, both in April 2008.

Batio began his recording career in 1984 when he joined new Chicago-based heavy metal band Holland, an eponymous project set up by ex-Steppenwolf singer Tommy Holland. With major label Atlantic Records, the band released their debut studio album in 1985 entitled Little Monsters, which saw moderate success in the United States. The band split up soon after, and a compilation of material from the Little Monsters sessions, Wake Up the Neighbourhood, was released in 1999 through Batio’s label M.A.C.E. Music.

After the breakup of Holland, Batio started his own eponymous band with singer Michael Cordet, bassist Allen Hearn and drummer Paul Cammarata. The Band did not release any albums, though three of their songs appeared on the 1998 Nitro compilation Gunnin’ for Glory.

In 1987 Batio joined glam metal artist Jim Gillette on his solo album Proud to Be Loud, before founding the band Nitro with bassist T.J. Racer and drummer Bobby Rock. In 1989 Nitro released their first studio album, O.F.R., from which they released two singles, "Freight Train" and "Long Way From Home". The music video for "Freight Train", which received much airplay on MTV, was notable for featuring Batio playing his now famous ‘Quad Guitar’, a notion which FHM Magazine voted one of the "50 most outrageous moments in rock history".

1987 was also the year Batio released his first instructional video with "Star Licks" as part of the "Masters Series" and was one of the first recognized rock guitarists to make the jump into video instructional material. This video was the very first "shred" instructional program showing many modern guitar concepts for the first time.

In April 1993, Batio founded his own record label, M.A.C.E. Music, which became one of the first labels online in 1996. He used this label when he began recording his first album, No Boundaries, which he released in 1995. Batio’s second studio release was Planet Gemini in 1997, which showed a very progressive, experimental side to his playing. In 1999, Batio released his second instructional video, Jam With Angelo, which came with his third studio album as a companion CD: Tradition. This was quickly followed by a fourth full-length album in 2000, Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity, which was credited to "Mike Batio and Rob Ross", the latter being the drummer.

In 2001, Batio released a CD with his band "C4," covering songs from his Holland years and including the original "Call to Arms." It was his 1st all vocal CD since recording with Nitro.

In 2003, Batio released his first DVD, the title release in his Speed Kills series, followed by the second, Speed Lives, in 2004. It was also in this year that Batio released a compilation album, Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity Part 2, which featured songs from Tradition and Lucid Intervals.

In 2005, Michael released his highly anticipated cover/tribute/studio album, Hands Without Shadows, which featured guest appearances from such musicians as Mark Tremonti (of Alter Bridge fame), Rudy Sarzo (of Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Dio fame) and virtuoso newcomer Bill Peck. In 2006, DVD Speed Kills 2 was released, in addition to the first in the new Hands Without Shadows series, Performance. Batio’s latest release came in 2007, when his first two albums – No Boundaries and Planet Gemini – were remixed and remastered with additional drums, for an album entitled 2 X Again; the title of a song from the first album. Angelo also released three DVDs in 2007: Speed Kills 3, 25 Jazz Progressions and MAB Jam Session.

Michael Angelo Batio has an advanced knowledge of music theory, with a deep understanding of complex scale combinations and time signatures which assist him in his compositions. Batio has cited F-sharp minor and F-sharp phrygian dominant as his favorite. He has described F sharp minor as a "demonic" key, giving a dark, evil sound.

Learn to shred guitar with Michael Angelo Batio.

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Guitar DVD’s For Beginners

August 19th, 2010 No comments
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Learn and Master Guitar

August 9th, 2010 No comments
Learn and Master Guitar Lessons Dvd

Learn and Master Guitar

Overall Rating: 
Ease of Use: 
Video Quality: 


$249.00 Now Only $149.00
Learn and Master Guitar



This is an excellent program for the beginner.

Learn and Master Guitar is a complete set of dvd guitar lessons developed to teach you how to play the guitar. Learn and Master contains 20 Dvds , 5 Jam Along CDs, the Learn and Master Lesson Book, and Unlimited Access to the Student Support Site. Professional instruction is provided by instructor Steve Krenz.

Read more…


March 26th, 2010 No comments

Total Guitar was founded in 1998. Total Guitar features dvd guitar lessons, online guitar lessons, guitar software and more. 

We provide beginner, intermediate, advanced guitar lessons for guitarists in all styles of music including metal, rock, and blues. Total Guitar has put together a list of dvd guitar lessons to provide guitarists with the all the info necessary to help you choose the best one for yourself. Our advanced guitar instructional dvd lessons feature Michael Angelo Batio. Michael Angelo Batio has filmed 6 dvd guitar instruction videos for Metal Method: Speed Kills, Speed Kills 2, Speed Kills 3, Speed Lives, Speed Lives 2, and Speed Lives 3.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice. Total Guitar is not responsible for these changes.

Total Guitar operates an online store at

Total Guitar is also a paid affiliate of Learn & Master Guitar, Amazon, as well as other dvd vendors and guitar and/or music vendors listed on Total Guitar receives a commission for every affiliate sale made though the website.

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