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Learn & Master Blues Guitar

August 8th, 2014 No comments
Learn and Master - Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar Lessons

Learn and Master Blues Guitar "Spotlight Series on Blues Guitar" contains 6 dvds with over 8 hours of dvd guitar instruction, a Jam Along CD with over 20 songs in various styles, in-depth interviews with Jack Pearson & Johnny Hiland, a downloadable e-book, and unlimited access to the online support community. Learn and Master Blues Guitar features easy to follow on-screen music and key ideas. Essential blues techniques are explained thoroughly and simply throughout the dvd guitar lessons course.

Price: $99.00 Learn and Master - Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar Lesson Video:


Learn and Master Guitar, Spotlight Series on Blues Guitar is an in depth, step by step course. These dvd guitar lessons will give you the musical understanding, the concepts, chords, techniques, and riffs that allow you to enter the world of great blues playing. With this course, you’ll learn the notes, chords, and form that make up the blues. You’ll also build a strong repertoire of ready-to-use riffs (shown in both music and TAB) that can immediately be incorporated into your playing.

You’ll hear exactly what to play through each session’s “Hearing the Blues” ear training exercises. Explore and demonstrate your new skills with a real band in a variety of musical settings using the Jam Along CD and DVD.

Learn to play fast shuffles, slow 12/8 blues, as well as “blues-in-every-key.” Learn all the standard blues guitar techniques such as bends, pull-offs, palm muting, and slide playing. Get your head in the game by understanding blues notes, blues scales, pentatonic scales, and blues chord progressions. The skills you will build in this course will allow you to lay down the blues with complete confidence!

Learn and Master Blues Guitar features dvd instructor Steve Krenz. Steve has performed for years with numerous Grammy winning artists as a Nashville studio guitarist. He is a passionate educator and author of award winning Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar. His practical and easy to understand teaching style makes learning uncomplicated, attainable, and fun.

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50 Rock Guitar Licks

January 18th, 2011 No comments
50 Rock Guitar Licks You Must Know

50 Rock Guitar Licks

50 Rock Guitar Licks You Must Know covers everything from intervals and sweep picking to classical riffs and whammy-bar workouts. In this Dvd guitar lesson Chris Buono breaks down advanced concepts into versatile, easy to apply licks that you can use in almost any rock setting. You will learn note targeting, pinch harmonics control, moving between major and minor tonalities, soloing in the upper registers along with three note per string concepts, tremolo picking, open position riffs, sweep picking, hybrid picking, double stops and how to incorporate exotic scales as well as style specific riffs in practically any rock genre.

Price: $24.95 50 Rock Guitar Licks You Must Know

Free Video Guitar Lesson:
Chris Buono teaches 50 Rock Guitar Licks You Must Know. Free video feature 5 awesome licks from the guitar dvd.

Click on the image to launch the video player.

Learn these 50 rock guitar licks and you will have the insight and chops to tear it up within any rock style, from blues to metal, classic to contemporary and everything in between.

Guitar DVD Features:
• Picture-In-Picture Video Instruction
• Tab and Notation
• Power Tab
• Practice Rhythm Tracks
• Printed Manual

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