Guitar Playing and Practicing Tips for Beginners. Consider these tips your first beginner guitar lesson by Total Guitar!

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Step 1 – Warm Up Your Hands and Fingers
It is very important that you warm up your hands and fingers before you begin playing or practicing the guitar. Your hands will get a good workout when you play the guitar and there is always the possibility of developing carpel tunnel syndrome from the repetitive motion of playing the guitar. You could experience very painful cramps that could, in extreme cases, lead to the loss of ability to play the guitar. Therefore, you should spend at least 5 minutes warming up your fingers and hands before you actually start to practice or play the guitar. You should also take a a break if you play or practice for longer than an hour. The following exercises are ideal for warming up your hands and fingers:
* Gently massage each hand. Concentrate on area located at the base of the thumb.
* Place your hands against one another and press your fingertips together.
* Stretch your fingers out as far as you can and then curl them inward. Repeat twice.

Step 2 – Practice the Chromatic Scale
The chromatic scale should be practiced and played as often as possible because you play all 12 notes on the guitar in half steps. This scale is contrary to a whole note scale, which consists of playing the notes in whole steps. Below is the Chromatic Scale starting with C:
C – C#/Db – D – D#/Eb – E – F – F#/Gb – G – G#/Ab – A – A#/Bb – B – C

Chromatic Scale

Step 3 – Start Playing
To start improving on guitar, you’re going to need to set aside a bit of time to practice. Developing a daily routine is a good idea. Plan to spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing everything you’ve learned. At first, your fingers will be sore, but by playing daily, they’ll toughen up, and in a short amount of time, they’ll stop hurting. 
* Learn a new chord
* Learn one section of a new song
* Practice picking, strumming, and plucking

Step 4 – Cool Down
The cool down phase is a time to bring your session to a close. Instead of abruptly stopping and putting your guitar away, this is the time to sort of reward yourself by leaving the session on a positive "note." Whether you are practicing or playing the guitar, you are probably challenging your skills.
* Play a short, familiar piece that is comfortable for you
* Don’t focus on playing your finale piece with perfection,  just play it
* Closing your eyes can help calm you if the practice session was difficult or frustrating

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