For the beginner, learning to play guitar is definitely not an easy task. In fact, it can be quite frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I almost quit or threw the guitar out the window. Learning how to play the guitar is not something you can do overnight. I takes time to develop your hands and fingers. It takes time to learn chords. It takes time to learn songs. You have to be very patient. The beginning stages of learning the guitar can be very boring and frustrating. There have been many times I have felt that I was getting nowhere, but I did not give up. I cannot tell you how good it feels when you know you have gotten to the next level of guitar playing. It is an intense feeling!

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I had struggled with learning guitar for many years. I took guitar lessons. I tried to learn theory. I spent hours practicing scales over and over. Nothing I ever did seemed to work. My breakthrough came when Dave Bates of Total Guitar told me to just have fun. Dave said that in order to make progress on the guitar I had to have fun with it. He told me to continue practicing and to learn more songs that I liked so that I could keep the learning process fun. I took his advice and started playing for the fun of it. I discovered that by just playing the songs and having fun, I was actually learning how to play the guitar! I was not only learning the song that I happened to be working on, but also the theory, technique, and subtleties behind the music.

Finally, I was learning how to play the guitar and I was having fun in the process! It was easy to get through the boredom and the dull periods. If I became bored, I would just pick out another song to learn so the learning process became interesting and fresh all over again.

If you are having trouble with learning and playing songs, then I would suggest purchasing a Beginner Guitar Lessons DVD. A beginner guitar lessons dvd will teach you the very basics including how to understand and use guitar scales, read tablature and standard notation, build and play hundreds of chords, develop speed and coordination skills, and more. Check out  Learn & Master Guitar lessons on DVD.

Songs are made up of chords. Chords are made up of single notes. The secret to learning how to play guitar is combining the notes into chords and the chords into songs. When you are learning songs, the pieces begin to fall into place over time and your ear begins to develop. You begin to pickup the chord changes in the songs. Once this happens, the techniques and all the theory just begin to fall into place. Once this happens you will begin to love playing the guitar.


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