Dave’s Bio

Dave Bates co-founded Total Guitar in 1998. Total Guitar features free online guitar lessons with tab and audio files. Total Guitar also features video guitar lessons, download guitar lessons, beginner guitar lessons, and an online store with a complete selection of dvd guitar lessons, guitar software, tab books, wall charts, accessories and more.

Dave is a graduate of Musician’s Institute, GIT and was featured on Musician’s Institute/GIT promotional CD entitled “MI JAMS Vol.2”. He has over 28 years experience as a guitar player and teacher and has amassed numerous studio and club dates nationally. He has played guitar clinics for T.C. Electronics and Drum TV. Dave has been featured in a weekly online guitar lesson for Rock Guitar Online. He is also the featured instructor in 3 Metal Method Dvd Guitar Lessons; Ozzy Style, Metal Style, and SRV Style. Dave played guitar in the house band on the T.V. set of the Warner Brother’s Show "Zoe", and also played guitar for the house band on the TV set of the CBS show “The Whitey Ford Show”. Dave is also the staff guitarist on the show Drum TV.

Dave has played and recorded with veteran recording artists including Robin McAuley, Gregg Bissonette, Tony Franklin, David Paris, Bob Kullick, Rick Steel, Bjorn Englen, Brett Chassen and others. Dave is the guitarist for the rock band “Bleed” which features vocals by Robin McAuley, drums by Gregg Bissonette, and bass by Tony Franklin. Bleed regularly performs nationally. Additionally Dave played guitar for the rock band “30 Round Clip" and wrote a song called "Gunfighter" which was featured in “Playground of Power Vol.2” DVD. Dave was also a featured artist/performer on Guitar Nine Records. Dave also played guitar with KVK.

Dave is currently the lead guitarist for Edge of Paradise, a symphonic hard rock/metal band. He is also at work tracking his instrumental guitar CDs entitled "The Trouble With You…" and "I Think I Went Back In Time."

In his spare time, Dave teaches guitar at Instrumental Music in Thousand Oaks, CA. He teaches all levels of guitar lessons ranging from beginner guitar lessons to advanced guitar lessons. Regardless of your skill level, Dave can provide you with guitar lessons that can teach you how to play the guitar. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner wanting to learn how to play the guitar or a pro wanting to learn music theory. If you want to learn the basics or master the techniques necessary to become a professional guitarist, you’ve come to the right place. Dave offers lessons in numerous styles of music including rock, metal, and classical.

Contact Dave to learn how to play the guitar and get custom guitar lessons and information on rock guitar lessons, metal guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, and more. For guitar lessons, contact Dave at Instrumental Music (805)496-3774.